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We're located in an idyllic setting along a quiet creek just off the Neuse River in Oriental. We craft red and white wines from grapes we brought to this wonderful area and mead, or honeywine, plus various fruit wines. Visit us for a tasting and to browse our gift selection!


Bob and Glen are cousins - both having a big interest in wine making. More than fifteen years ago, they were discussing their favorite hobby (over a glass of wine) and the idea of throwing in together and building a winery was born. There were no vines, no land, and no buildings - just an idea that maintained itself for several years, an idea that was shared by their wives, Debbie and Rolayne.

Land in Oriental was purchased in 2000 and the idea began to come into fruition. In 2003, Glen retired from his teaching career of thirty-one years and had a house and winery building built.

Prayers were said, the first 300 vines went into the ground, and the Neuse River Winery was born in 2004. Every year, more vines were added, the inside of the winery building was fleshed out to hold a processing room and a wine tasting room. Since the grape vines do not bear fruit their first few seasons, no wine was sold, but as more and more vines started to produce, limited amounts of wine could be made.

Right now, we have seven wines to offer: Norton, a dry red (aka “Cab of the Ozarks”), a dry white called Villard Blanc (reminiscent of Riesling but fuller bodied), Chardonel (a cross of Chardonnay and Seyval grapes),sweet Blueberry, off dry Blackberry, and Mead (honey wine, sweet). We plan to enlarge that list as more grape vines start producing.

We hope not to be a regular winery selling only grape wine, but to be more artisanal in our approach to wine making by combining grape wine with fruit wine and/or with spices. That doesn’t mean we won’t have pure grape wine. How about cranberry infused mead or Norton mixed with Blueberry wine?

Since all of our wines are hand wrought, we can make no guarantee that the wine of this year will be identical to the wine of the next season. We make wines by the small batch - forty gallons or so at a time instead of forty thousand gallons at a time as do the “Industrial” wine makers.

When all is said and done - We hope you’ll enjoy the wine!

“He makes…wine to gladden the hearts of man.” Psalm 104:15